Response Hub

What is a Response Hub?

A volunteer based community platform under TibCERT, which is built on the structure of Learn, Share, Network and Support. An opportunity to address key digital security and tech challenges in our Tibetan community through meetings, discussions and brainstorming sessions. The goal is to finally come up with possible solutions to those challenges and to work collaboratively to implement those solutions.

What is a Meetup ?

  • A meetup is usually a 2 hr casual meeting of our hub members at a suitable spot (cafe, office, hall) at a suitable time which would be decided and informed by the respective regional DSAs, at least a week in advance. Finalizing a time for the meetups are done in accordance to the suggestions by the members themselves and deciding a majority favor. Meetup is a time where hub members led by our respective regional DSA’s will discuss key digital security and tech issues in the community. A meeting focused on finding ways to resolve these issues by brainstorming ideas and taking basic responsibilities in the implementation of the solutions discussed.
  • A meetup is a 2 hr casual meeting held once in a month, usually on weekends among our hub members. Meetups are focused on bringing an informal, friendly and open atmosphere to get to know each other, discuss tech and digital security challenges in the community to bring up creative solutions and approaches. The “location” of the meetup could range from cafes, halls and our TAI office based on the technical requirements and number of hub members joining for a specific meetup. The “time and day” of a meetup is not fixed everytime and could vary with suggestions from our hub members as well as the TibCERT team.

Who can join us?

  • We believe that varying skills, experiences and background of interested individuals play an integral part of a successful Response hub team . Those willing to join us don’t necessarily need to have a good technical knowledge about computers or digital security. Having technical experiences and skills is great but we believe it is of secondary importance, which could be developed through time provided that one is passionate to learn, share, come up with new ideas and collaboratively implement the solutions while moving forward as a team.

  • Hey there! Are you a person who loves to meet new people, learn and share new ideas about technology and digital security? Are you a person who would love to join our informal get togethers to bring up cool ideas over a cup of your favorite cafe drink? Are you a person willing to contribute to our Tibetan community to overcome tech and digital security challenges? If you can relate to this, come join us! Don’t forget to tell your friends too who would also love to join us!

Dharamsala Response Hub was set up on October 16th, 2020 which is a volunteer based community under TibCERT, aimed to support individuals and organizations beyond TibCERT’s effective reach based on the structure of Learn, Share, Network and Support. Currently there are 8 members who are from different organizations in Dharamsala with different professional backgrounds.

Hub Members Information:-


Tenzin Pelyoun

Drokmo - Co-founder

Lobsang Dhamchoe

LHA Charitable Trust

Ngawang Tashi

College Graduate

Tenzin Choedon


Nyeesang Wangmo

Mentseekhang (TMAI) - Sys-Admin

Sangje Dondup

Tibetan Medicare System - TMS

Tenzin Choezin

Tibetan library (LTWA)

Some of the works that our Hubs has done to solve the issues faced by our community

Issue description links

Disinformation and Misinformation in our community

Panel discussion on “The impact of social media in our community” - Disinformation and misinformation (covid-19), Tibetan General Election, social media fake accounts, identity theft and cyber bully/harassment.
We invited speakers on the panel discussion who have different professional backgrounds such as News media, Tibetan policy, Gender activism and Medical and Healthcare.
The audience for the panel discussion were representatives of different organizations in and around Dharamsala.

  • Impact of Social Media in Community
  • Panel Discussion
  • Technical language barrier

    We have made a Tibetan Glossary Database. This database contains most of the technical terms and their translation in Tibetan. So whenever you don’t understand a term on the web, you can always refer to the glossary..

    Tibetan Glossary

    Response Hub as a Resource Center

    We have shared resources such as commonly used softwares and utility tools with our hub members to further share in their organizations. As these softwares and tools are in need and used in many organizations.
    We also offer assistance in purchase of any tech gadgets and devices and our TibCERT community hub center is always equipped with such resources and ready to serve the community.


    Software installation, usage and update issues

    1. We did training on finding the parent website of software and then doing all checks like compatibility, security, reviews etc. After doing all the research then downloading it and installing it and using it.

    2. We did training on how to update various devices like pc, mac, android and iOS.


    Importance of Digital Security Policy in our community

    1. Digital Security Policy awareness event involving participants from various organizations in Dharamsala.

    2. Short awareness skit video on the importance of Digital Security Policy